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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Luxurious Interior Design

Global Interior Design has a fun and dynamic interior design team that can’t wait to make your home magical! We are based in London and cater specifically to busy people who want a no hassleinterior design solution. Never hired an interior designer before? Global Interior Design is the no-fuss design alternative. Let’s re-envision your home from drab to fab! We love to create redesigns that are chic, stylish and trouble-free.

Modern and colorful glass bar tables

The glass bar table are modern and stylish in your contemporary home bar area. With its tempered clear glass top with elegant colorful design, this is the perfect place to share a drink or grab a quick snack. Glass bar tables by H.studio are such ones and are created to decorate and enrich any space. Four amazing models charm by their colorful designs. Their original glass bases change them into perfect art works.

Bar tables could become an interesting element of any interior design. Often this furniture isn’t very useful but always look stylish and add trendy touch to a room.

Kamar Tidur

Jika saat ini anda merasa beberapa bagian dari hidup anda terasa membosankan, seperti suasana kamar tidur yang makin menjemukan, kenapa berfikir terlalu panjang? kenapa tidak segera merombaknya? dan dapatkan suasana yang baru untuk kamar tidur anda. Anda dapat memilih antara merombak kamar tidur anda secara keseluruhan atau hanya menambahkan sedikit sentuhan sehingga tampak lebih menarik. Untuk merubah atau mendekorasi kamar tidur biasanya dimulai dari menentukan budget (rencana pembiayaan), menemukan ide-ide baru yang spesifik, dan alokasi waktu untuk menyelesaikan pekerjaan remodeling tersebut.

Kitchen Remodeling – Flooring

If you want to give your kitchen a fresh, new look, changing out the flooring can make a huge difference. The great thing about changing flooring is that you can replace it at any time. In other words, it can be a stand-alone project or something you do as a part of changing the entire kitchen. Regardless, your kitchen will look amazing and the value of your home will benefit.
In most cases, a new floor can be placed over an old floor as long as the sub-flooring is in good condition. Just keep in mind that if the flooring will be connecting to other rooms, there would be issues with imbalance. Therefore, while this is an option, the better choice would be to tear out the old floor and have new flooring installed, especially if the new floor is hardwood.

Garage Storage Areas

Even homes with two or three garages, seem to have too little storage. In fact, this is one of the main complaints of most homeowners - not enough storage. Many of those that do have homes with garages keep the carsparked outside, keeping sports equipment, tools, boxed storage, extra furniture, and so on, stored inside. One way to increase the amount of storage in a garage is to start by adding shelves. Shelving options include prefabricated and site-built. To purchase all the necessary equipment and materials, simply visit your local hardware or home improvement store, or lumberyard.

Design Kitchen and Kitchen Set

Modern LIFE-change requires a fundamental change. Currently, the family homes in the middle of the city's increasingly difficult to find a kitchen full of black soot and sticky floors.Therefore, no wonder if the current split in two kitchens, kitchen, wet and dry kitchen, which has a different function. The kitchen is usually combined with a living room or dining room is often referred to as the kitchen pantry or dry. This room is usually equipped with modern kitchen equipment. Meanwhile, wet kitchen used for cooking. Wet kitchen is more widely used to heat the food before serving or used to cook something practical, that if using the spices they had half-finished. Therefore, now the middle of the kitchen design trend in line with the times.

Interior Design Tips: Home Decoration with Picture Frames

Whether enclosing a precious work of art or a prized family photograph, a picture frame is a design element not to be overlooked. A carefully chosen frame adds to the aesthetics and overall harmony of a well-decorated room, while a bad frame can ruin the entire effect of the artwork.
Before shopping for frames, visit art galleries and museums in your area to see how different frames are used to enhance photographs and paintings. Browse decorating books and magazines to see framed pictures displayed in homes. Next, consider the type of picture and the style in which the room is decorated to determine what type of frame would best fit.

Above all, the frame must complement the image it holds. When searching for a frame, keep in mind the painting or photo and find a frame that will enhance it. For example, an ornate gold frame looks wonderful with a traditional oil painting, while a natural wood frame suits a painting of a lush forest, and a soft blue frame could be used to accentuate a color from the picture it encloses.

The size and shape of the frame also make an impact on the art. A small picture can have greater presence matted in a larger, elaborate frame. A frame with thick sides can also keep a small painting from going unnoticed, while a large painting is often set off to best effect by a plain, thin frame.

The decorating style and function of the room where the picture will be hung must also be considered when choosing a frame. For a child's bedroom or playroom, frames in primary colors or those featuring cartoon characters often work best. A spare, modern room calls for sleek contemporary frames. Old-fashioned gold colored frames or beautifully carved wood ones complement a traditional home, while simple, natural wood frames look great in rooms decorated in the country style. Also consider the wall where the painting will hang. A white frame against a white wall can get lost, where a green frame will stand out. If the painting will be hung on busy wallpaper, make sure the frame contrasts with the background.

The frame must fit the artwork for which it is meant. If framing an oil painting on stretcher bars, make sure the frame is deep enough to accommodate the bars. If using a metal frame on a large picture, see that it is strong and will not buckle.

If you are hanging a collection of photos or prints together, use similar frames to visually link them. The frames could be all of the same style, or perhaps different shapes and sizes, but all in the same color.

These frames should be simple in order to focus attention on the pictures.You can find photo frames in most home decorating shops, and many arts and crafts supply stores sell frames for paintings and photos. Professional framing shops naturally have a great selection of frames, and the employees, who have handled hundreds of pictures, can offer expert advice for choosing a frame. Alternatively, check out thrift shops for old pictures in great frames. The picture can always be discarded. You can also buy inexpensive wooden frames and spruce them up with paint.

This is Modern minimalist living room furniture ideas designed by MobilFresno, its look elegance and stylish. Modern minimalist living room furniture such as coffee table, modern white sofaand white sofa decorate this living areas. Modern minimalist furniture observed in the design of furniture pieces, and clean lines or slimmer silhouettes are evident in a modern country living room design. Modern minimalist wall unit can we see in this living room. Modern focal point decorate living room and accents to balance the style are the key ingredients. Various living furniture suitable for modern living room..Modern minimalist living room furniture is excellent furniture set for a modern black and white living room or make a more comfy room with wooden cabinets. Artistic coffee tables available, which are perfectly matched with lacquered wall units and minimalist sideboards.

Painting rooms

Painting rooms in a house requires a lot of planning and prep work. All rooms in the house are not alike. The bathroom seems to be the most challenging room to tackle. This particular room has so many nooks and crannies that you have to have a plan in order to make it look seamless. Read on to find the steps you need to make your bathroom paint job look like a professional has done the work.

Step 1. You should take off the bathroom with your painters tape. Take the tape around all of the surfaces that you do not wish to be painted. Make sure to tape off the ceiling as well. Press the tape firmly as not to have the paint bleeds.

Step 2. Shake the paint bucket and then stir the paint with the stirrer. Make sure that the paint is completely mixed before you use it. Pour a small amount of paint onto the painters tray. Go ahead and dip the tip of the brush into the paint until completely submerged. Be careful not to get the paint past the brushes bristles.

Step 3. You are now ready to begin to outline the room. This is the most difficult task. Use the smaller paint brush to get close to the ceiling, the toilet, the sink, the shower, and the other areas that you are outlining. Do your best not to touch these surfaces with the brush. If the surface was touched, don't panic. Do your best to remove the paint while it is still wet. After the outlining is finished then you can go over the remaining larger areas with your roller. This will cover more quickly.

Step 4. After the outlining is finished then you can go over the remaining larger areas with your roller. This will cover more quickly. Dip your roller into the paint in the painters tray. Roll the roller until completely covered with paint. Transfer the roller onto the wall from the painters tray.

Step 5. You are now almost finished. Now all that is left is your touch ups. You may want to leave the room and come back with fresh eyes. This way when you walk back into the room you can see if you have missed any areas. Take either your brush or your roller and go over the bare areas. Wait for the paint to dry. Pull off the tape and voila! you have yourself a freshly painted bathroom.

Tips and warning:
- Pay the extra money for brand name paint. It covers better.
- Take the time to take everything off of the walls and ceilings before you get started.
- Wear clothes that can get paint on them.